TMG Doctors

Turnure Medical Group (TMG) has some important changes coming to our practice. Starting Nov 1st, TMG will move to a concierge primary care model. Currently, TMG is a fee for service practice, meaning that reimbursements for patient care come from per visit payments from insurers. Starting Nov 1st, TMG will move to a different kind of health care model where patients pay a monthly fee to cover all of their primary health care needs.

Urgent Care is Still Available

Turnure Medical Group Urgent Care will continue to provide urgent care services to patients regardless of whether or not they are concierge members. However, the urgent care is only able to meet acute urgent care needs and cannot provide primary care needs (like regular medication refills, etc).

TMG patients that choose to become concierge members starting on Nov 1st will receive the following membership benefits:

Personal cell phone of their physician

Ability to SMS text with their physician and our office

Extended duration physician visits when needed

Ability to self-schedule visits

Nutritionist visits, up to 3 per year

Ability to speak with one of our physicians on-call 24/7 when needed

Annual executive physical that provides health care, soul care, and culture care

Call (916) 831-7858 to Get Your Questions Answered

Concierge membership spots are almost full! Please sign up as soon as possible.