Watch this special message from Dr. Stafford and Dr. Turnure


Watch this special message from Dr. Stafford and Dr. Turnure


Watch this special message from Dr. Stafford and Dr. Turnure


Watch this special message from Dr. Stafford and Dr. Turnure


Watch this special message from Dr. Stafford and Dr. Turnure


Watch this special message from Dr. Stafford and Dr. Turnure


Watch this special message from Dr. Stafford and Dr. Turnure

Experience True Healing

“Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.”

Jeremiah 17:14

The mission of Turnure Medical Group is to share the love of Jesus through Health Care, Soul Care, and Culture Care, thus bringing “the healing of the nations” to our community.

True Healing - Not Healthcare

Personalized healing and care, focused on your unique situation.

Health Care

Our experienced primary care physicians are experts in science-based Western medicine. We work hard to find the best treatment for your unique condition.

Soul Care

We believe holistic care includes the soul. Our relationships with God, other people, and even the natural world around us affect our physical and mental health.

Culture Care

Culture is not a war, but a beautiful garden created by God to be cared for by us. We celebrate culture because it affects everything in life, from our food to our relationships - even our health.

Private Concierge Medical Care

We take the time to get to know you in the context of your spiritual and cultural environments.


Expert Doctors

We offer top-quality, evidence-based Western medicine provided by experienced primary care physicians who are experts in their field. We manage 90% of the health problems that arise in our patients without the need for specialty care.

Relationship With Your Doctor

On average, primary care doctors see a new patient every 12.5 minutes. At Turnure Medical, we don’t think this is enough time to build a relationship with your doctor. Our concierge care model allows your doctor to spend more time learning about you and focusing on your unique health needs.

One Cost For The Year

Your annual membership fee includes physicals, sick visits, preventative care, injuries - everything in primary care! You will only use your insurance or deductible for complicated workups, specialty referrals, or hospital care. No hidden costs. No co-pays. It's simple and easy.
TMG Medical Group doctors

What People are Saying About Us


First of all, I want to thank God for putting in the hearts of people like you the courage and willingness to do something as beautiful as this. From the moment I arrived at your facilities, I felt an atmosphere of peace and reconciliation. I have felt emotional changes, and my goals of what I want in this country have become even clearer. I bless the directors and collaborators of this clinic because they are wonderful people. I pray that the donors’ hearts of generosity will never lose virtue, and I trust in God that this foundation will grow more and more.

Andres Javier BaqueroReduced-Fee Member

I immediately fell in love with the clinic and their vision and passion. I myself went and became a member—I have the personal cellphone number of the doctor, I get great care, I’m supporting a couple low-income people in the community, and I’m supporting this ministry that I completely believe in…When I found out the number of people that get exposed to the gospel here and the number of people falling in love with Jesus, all I can say is, ‘I love it!’

Francis ChanNew York Times Best-Selling Author, Pastor, Healing Grove Patient, & Donor

This clinic is the most extraordinary combination of excellence in medicine and personal attention by top-notch professionals that deeply care. Definitely a much-needed gift in this world and age.

Ed SilvosoPresident of Transform Our World, Author, Pastor, Healing Grove Patient, & Donor

‘Your doctor gets back to you?’ an astonished friend asked me earlier this year. ‘You bet!’ I answered. When my husband and I first became members, our prime intention was to help provide health, soul, and culture care for our neighbors. We doubted we’d use the services ourselves. To our surprise, we found the clinic just what we’ve needed again and again. In an emergency, the doctor was immediately accessible and responsive, saving us a trip to the ER. In more routine matters, such as physicals, we’ve found it a stress-free, no-wait solution. We get time with our doctor, questions answered, and the knowledge that our doctor cares for us personally.

Loureen MurphyPatient & Donor

Our Impact

Turnure Medical Group, in conjunction with the Healing Grove Health Center Foundation is supporting hundreds of recently arrived Afghan refugees with Health Care, Soul Care and Culture Care. Every Turnure Medical Group  concierge member funds health care for 2 Afghan refugees!


Recent Afghan refugees resettled in Sacramento


Afghan families with significant needs


Afghan currently being supported.

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